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My name is Nimrod, i'm 19 and some years old, from Israel. I'm a B.A student for Studies Of Islam And The Middle East and History. I love to read, for fun I like horror, thrillers and mostly Fantasy, I am very interested in the different sciences, especially in Astronomy. I play a bass guitar, listening to the Beatles since I was 5 and collect rare vynils of them, I love jazz and many diff… Read more


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5.0 out of 5 stars The Most Dangerous Lie in History., July 19 2004
In "Warrant for a Genocide" Cohn states that the protocols are a creation of the underworld where madman express their ideas, and that sometimes, this ideas arrive to the real world, for the use of the uneducated and ignorant. The problem with the Protocols is that it is looks academic and convincing. The believers attribute it to "Professor Nilus" and say that it is proven by the fact that it fits the world's events. Well, here are a couple of facts that might help disproof these claims:
1. Nilus wasn't a professor. He was a mentaly unstable and probably mentaly ill Russian mystican at the begining of the century, living with his wife and his ex-lover near a monastery in Russia. He… Read more
Guardians Of The Lost: Volume Two of the Sovereign&hellip by Margaret Weis
Let me tell you the plot of this book, and you'll see how Tolkin gets in: Two people, in this case only one of them is a halfling, are getting a quest which involves carrying a magical item which is the key to rule the races of the world. They ae joined by a wise old person, which happens to be a wizard, and by warriors along the way. A dark Lord, which once owned the artifact, is also searching for it, sending his lethal, undead servants after the party. Reminds you something?
Yet, even though Tolkin's effect is clear, this book makes a great reading. The plot is of course much more complicated than what I wrote above, and Weis and Hickman's amazing character building, world… Read more
Well Of Darkness by Margaret Weiss
Well Of Darkness by Margaret Weiss
5.0 out of 5 stars Step Into The Darkness..., April 19 2004
First, a warning for the Dragonlance fans: This book isn', at all, like Dragonlance. Dragonlance was a merry, optimistic tale, filled with light and love. Even in the darkest parts of it, and there are many, it's never too dark. That's not the situation here.
Weis and Hickman takes their amazing talent of storytelling into new realms. Their incredible way of building characters in a way that they'll look real, is working great in this book. You find that you are happy when the heroes win and unhappy when they lose. You identify with them. The problem is that the heroes are not the good characters of the book, they are the villians.
And so, you find yourself torn between the good… Read more