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Sheepherder extrordinaire continiously fightin' the man as he tries to push me down into the sequacious. Viva Anima!


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Serpico (Widescreen) <b>DVD</b> ~ Al Pacino
Serpico (Widescreen) DVD ~ Al Pacino
5.0 out of 5 stars How does this guy do it?, Jan. 31 2004
I must first start of with saying that this is almost to much man fightin' for my own damn self. I had to hit pause a couple of times during the movie to truly appreciate the goodness. I have only recently come to the conclusion that Pacino is ^&%*&^% UNBELIEVABLE!! This guy is not only just a raw talent, but he could pick them also. People always talk about the DeNiro Scorcesse connection, but Pacino Lumet relationship is unstoppable. The gritty realness that is felt on the dirty pavement of New York is a welcome change to the bloated stuff that I have seen recently at the movie theaters. Not only do I like the acting in this movie, but I also like the story. The two go hand… Read more