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BS (Chemistry, 'With Honor'): Caltech, 1951 MA (Physics): Harvard, 1953 Ph.D. (Chemical Physics): Harvard, 1956 30 years in academia doing biophysical nmr 10 years doing MRI at a medical center; served on NIH and Army (AMRMC) Research Propoal Committees 98 papers (including contributed chapters)


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Reason in the Balance: The Case Against Naturalism&hellip by Phillip E. Johnson
I wonder whether the negative reviewers have actually read Johnson's book. This scientist (B.S. Chemistry, Caltech, M.A.Physics, Harvard, Ph.D., Chemical Physics, Harvard; 30 years of research in biophysical nmr and MRI) believes Johnson has made a strong case against the Darwinian model for evolution and ethics. As he points out, people are wedded to the philosophical assumptions, not the science.