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I like to read. I discovered the Amazon community and thought it would be a good way to find some interesting books to read. I'm married, have 4 kids, and I'm a computer programmer.


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Roma Eterna by R Silverberg
Roma Eterna by R Silverberg
When I saw this book at the library and read the synopsis on the book jacket, I thought it looked like a really interesting concept. I was expecting a story set roughly in the present in a vast all-encompassing Roman Empire that never fell. I wanted to see the differences of culture an technology and how they would be different in modern life if they had evolved out of such a mighty empire. However, what I got instead were several short stories set in a constantly decaying, but never quite falling, Roman Empire.
Despite being a little disappointed that this was a book of short stories, instead of what I had expected, I still thought it might be interesting to see some of the things… Read more
Hybrids by Robert J. Sawyer
Hybrids by Robert J. Sawyer
After reading Homonids, the first book in this series, I had high hopes for the series. Because, despite what I thought was too much focus in that book on Mary Vaughn's personal problems, I still really enjoyed the book, and thought the premise was very interesting. However, in the second book, Humans, Sawyer takes the story completely in the wrong direction, focusing almost entirely on the relationship between Mary Vaughn and Ponter Boddit, and ignoring the more interesting story of the comparison and contrast between the two different Earths.
While this book was better than Humans, with a little more focus outside of their relationship, it still is way too heavily skewed towards… Read more
The Footprints of God: A Novel by Greg Iles
4.0 out of 5 stars Very well done, June 7 2004
I had read and enjoyed several other book by Iles before this one, so I expected it to be good, however, I wasn't sure how well he would do with the subject matter which seemed quite a bit different from his previous novels. The story had the fast-paced feel of a thriller, with the in-depth subject matter of a good science fiction sotry, and I thought Iles handled this very well.
I was most impressed with how well Iles defined and explained the concept of God as it relates to the story. In most similar stories that I've read, this kind of thing usually comes off sounding pretty silly, but Iles handled it very well, without getting too incredibly abstract. I also really liked the… Read more