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I am a 22 year old student of English Literature and History, soon to be free from the chains of academia!


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Know Your Enemy (W/1 Hidden Tr ~ Manic Street Preachers
Know Your Enemy (W/1 Hidden Tr ~ Manic Street Preachers
Just under nine years on from the sprawling 'Generation Terrorists', the Manics decided to release ANOTHER sprawling album. Their critics usually point out that any LP from their catalogue is best shorn of two or three tracks, although with the haphazard 'Enemy they may have a point. The dull opener 'Found that Soul' and why-wasn't-this-a-B-side 'Wattsville Blues' exemplify the filler material. However, all is far from lost. 'So Why So Sad' was the most glistening, life-affirming dose of wonderfullness to enter the British Top Ten in 2001. 'Miss Europa Disco Dancer' deliciously combines a lyrical critique of club culture with suitably throbbing backing tracks. 'Let Robeson Sing' is a… Read more