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Joe Sarno Double Feature: Flesh and Lace / Passion&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Cherie Winters
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In the world of 1960s exploitation, director Joe Sarno is a standout, usually delivering movies that are far more stylish and emotionally complex than the usual grindhouse fare. I became a fan the moment I saw "Sin in the Suburbs" and I'm so happy Something Weird Video is finally releasing some of Sarno's movies on DVD. The first movie in this double feature, "Flesh and Lace," has all the Sarno trademarks: a jazzy soundtrack, arty lighting and an intelligent script. Another Sarno trademark is above-average performances, but not everyone in "Flesh and Lace" delivers. Heather Hall is supposed to be a repressed nymphomaniac who, once her desires are unleashed, sets off a chain of events that… Read more
Sadomania <b>DVD</b> ~ Ajita Wilson
Sadomania DVD ~ Ajita Wilson
This film caught my interest when I watched the trailer on Blue Underground's Web site. But, alas, as so often happens, the trailer was better than the movie. "Sadomania" is overly long for what it is and much of it tends to drag. There are several eye-rolling moments to nudge you out of your stupor, however: A woman getting attacked by an obviously plastic alligator; prison uniforms of Daisy Dukes and boots--and nothing else; a governor's bushy fake mustache; toy guns, one of which even drips water when fired; and director Jess Franco in a small role as a swishy gay pimp. There are attempts to augment the movie's lack of sadism by offering plenty of sleaze, like the governor's wife… Read more
Malibu Express [Import] <b>VHS</b> ~ Darby Hinton
Malibu Express [Import] VHS ~ Darby Hinton
God bless Andy Sidaris. While hardcore porn delivered a death blow (so to speak) to sexploitation films, Sidaris keeps the genre alive with his action-packed movies filled with Playmate stars wrapping their fingers around big guns and lips around double entendres. In this 1985 Sidaris movie, Cody Abeline (Darby Hinton) is an independently wealthy Texas-born P.I. who drives a Delorean, lives on a yacht (the titular "Malibu Express"), can't shoot a moving target to save his life, and can't seem to walk three feet without some babe opening her blouse and jumping into his arms. He's hired by "contessa" Sybil Danning (who, despite references to her being from Italy, speaks as if born and raised… Read more