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Big reading fan. I particularly enjoy SF, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Chicago History, Origami, Cooking.
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Deep Trek by James Axler
Deep Trek by James Axler
4.0 out of 5 stars The Action Continues, July 19 2004
Jim Hilton and the survivors of the Aquila are back in part two of the trilogy by Laurence James (author of the early Deathlands books).
The cast is assembled in a California ghost town looking to contact the general in charge of the old space mission and now a possible new hope in a world where the plant life has been ravaged by a red cancer termed Earthblood.
Contact is made briefly followed by disaster. The survivors again split up in hopes of meeting later; this time in Muir Woods north of San Francisco. All they know is that Zellig has some sort of base and it is somewhere to the North. During their travels we begin to learn more about the bad guys: The Hunters of the… Read more
5.0 out of 5 stars A Fun and Helpful Book, July 19 2004
Do you have a child who loves the water but often seems reluctant to first go in? Well I do. But any child should enjoy this tale.
Once again, stubborn Jim is here. his time he is reluctant to go into the pool even though he has water wings on and all of the other kids are having so much fun. But when Jim stomps off in stubbornness, he falls into the pool. Once in the water, he remembers how much fun it is and begins swimming and playing with the other children.
The Jim books all center around stubbornness and rhymes. All of the other kids mentioned in this book provide plenty of fun material for the rhymes (now everything doesn?t rhyme with Jim).
My daughter loves this book… Read more
Earth Blood by James Axler
Earth Blood by James Axler
The Aquila and its crew return to Earth after a two-year mission in space. As they awake from cold sleep they realize that there are problems with their ship that Mission Control should have taken care of. Trying to reach Mission Control gets no response. Then they notice that the green areas of Earth are now red. Mission Control or not, they have to land.
After most of the crew survive the landing, they discover that the world is a much different place. A plant cancer has been used as a bio weapon and all of the Earth's crops have been affected. With no food growing, global population plummeted.
The crew finds a message from their old general mentioning a contingency plan… Read more