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Pay attention to everything around you, and appreciate your life every day - you never know when you'll run out of time. Watch the sunset and smell the spring air. Take deep breaths and drink fresh coffee. Hug your loved ones and enjoy your life - don't wait to do something you always wanted to do, stand up and DO IT NOW!

I'm a child at heart and hope to always be this way. I love all books, computer and Wii games, i love to play with my dog and i love to travel.

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Top Reviewer Ranking: 811 - Total Helpful Votes: 139 of 160
The Sims Medieval - Standard Edition by Electronic Arts
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Sims Medieval is a great game. It is not an expansion pack but a stand alone Sims game. Meaning you don't get to continue playing with your character from your Sims 3 games. This game is a quest game, you start by creating your king/queen and then you pick quests in order to expand your kingdom. You play each quest with your king/queen and later on you can play a different character. All quests are different and a lot of fun. For example you may need to find a talking frog or you may have to unite your kingdom with an Elf kingdom with marriage. The quests remind me of Sims 3 World Adventures.

So you start off by playing the king/queen, but with each quest you get points to spend… Read more
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (Bili&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Daniel Radcliffe
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Albus Dumbledore is killed, and the wizarding community finally acknowledges the return of the Dark Lord. Voldemort is gathering an army and killing off all those who fight against him. But Harry has a plan - to find and destroy all Horcruxes which will make Voldemort a mortal and allow Harry a fair chance to defeat him once and for all. And so begins a quest - Harry, Ron and Hermoine set off together, keeping a low profile, looking for Horcruxes and hoping they'll have enough time to find them all. Meanwhile, the wizarding world is suffering casualties of war every day.

In this Harry Potter film, our 3 heroes have grown up and came a long way. The movie is darker, more serious,… Read more
The Edge Chronicles 10: The Immortals by Paul Stewart
The Immortals is book #10 in the Edge Chronicles. The story is about Nate Quarter, a teenage lamplighter. Nate is an orphan who travels to the city in search for a better life. Along the way, he meets all sorts of creatures and makes wonderful friends.

The book is bigger than all the other Edge books and holds a lot of exciting adventures. For fans of the Edge Chronicles, this will be a good last story which even touches on past characters. For people who never read the Edge Chronicles before, this will be a good introduction to the series. I would suggest however to read the other Edge books before reading this one since this book takes place years after all the other… Read more