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The Pleasure of My Company: A Novel by Steve Martin
4.0 out of 5 stars The Jury is Still Out, March 10 2005
The jury is still out for me on Steve Martin as a writer. I really enjoyed SHOP GIRL. PLEASURE OF MY COMPANY had some great moments and fresh and unique ideas, but didn't capture me in the same way. I found more similarities to SHOP GIRL with Augusten Burroughs' SELLEVISION or Rikki Lee Travolta's MY FRACTURED LIFE then I necessarily found with PLEASURE OF MY COMPANY. It is a unique and interesting book, not bad at all. It's just different than what I expected and not filled with that same quick wit I found in SHOP GIRL and with Burroughs and Travolta. I'm not counting Martin out. I liked this novel I think, I'm just not as sure as in the past.