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I am a publisher and researcher in ecology, and publish a research journal that integrates various field of research and study, including ecology, environmental research, science, history, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and related fields.

I have worked for many years now to build the beginings of an Insitute of Ecology, for I feel that we must soon find a way to balance our social and hu… Read more


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Cold As Ice by Charles Sheffield
Cold As Ice by Charles Sheffield
Cold as Ice is a very fine work, by one of the best science fiction writers of our time. I am sorry indeed to hear of Charles Sheffield's passing last year. I enjoyed the wit, humor and hands on realism of this book, and others of his. Of the works of his I have read, this is the best yet. The story line keeps one engaged, the background of the Great War that is now over, leaving humanity bruised and battered, and the space lanes strewn with lost hopes and ghost ships is a engaging and believable background indeed. And the characters are real, human and they invite us to follow their efforts in many ways.
The issues of science in service to politics, war and social needs is raised in… Read more