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Car 54 Where Are You?
This was a hilarious comedy. Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, Joe Ross and I think Captain Block was played by Paul Reed. I was too young to remember this show but I knew that Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis were in it. I just purchased the Munsters complete set before this, so I utubed a little of this series just to see what it would be like.

It's funny, tasteful, with great scripts and character development. Fred Gwynne is great as the cultured and intelligent Muldoon who always seems to be dragged down to the mentality level of Toody. Joe E. Ross as Toody is probably the funniest part of the show. Captain Block's exasperation (particularly with Toody) is classic! Al Lewis is funny just… Read more
Frankenstein <b>DVD</b> ~ Robert Foxworth
Frankenstein DVD ~ Robert Foxworth
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4.0 out of 5 stars Very Good ........., Aug. 1 2013
I think this is a very good version of Frankenstein. It feels more like watching a stage play than a movie. The effects are very low key and muted, but this actually adds to the acting and story. Robert Foxworth brings a certain energy to the role as the Doctor. Bo Svenson gives the monster a sympathetic, childlike quality in spite of some of his horrific actions. It differs from the novel in certain ways, but this does not take away or lessen the story.

If you like the story of Frankenstein in all it's forms, i.e. Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Michael Sazarin to name a few, then I think that you will enjoy this. It is moody, atmospheric, with good simple sets, and good… Read more
Robin Hood <b>DVD</b> ~ Patrick Bergin
Robin Hood DVD ~ Patrick Bergin
This is a darker, grittier version than Kevin Costner's. I still really like the Kevin Costner version. I like the idea in this version of Saxons and Normans as the two opponents. Patrick Bergen is good as Robin Hood. Jurgen Prochnow (if I spell his name correctly) is excellent as the villain Sir Miles Falconet. There is action and an intelligent plot that keeps the story moving along at a fast pace. I enjoy owning both this and the Kevin Costner version as they make two nice comparisons and differences.