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My cat (Putsie) likes to read, mostly spy novels. When I play my guitar, she sleeps on the bed... I guess she's been listening too long! I am a musician (have 2 CDs for sale), but I'm not big enough for Amazon!


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Dawn of Ananda
5.0 out of 5 stars Please Annie..., Nov. 28 2000
The Dawn of Ananda is another in a long line of stellar efforts for Annie Haslam! Anyone wanting to listen to one of the finest voices of all time in any music genre will like this album. Annie has also written all the lyrics for this album (except one song) and it is very evident to me that her lyricist abilities have improved dramatically!! Buy this, it is simply fine! Two other things... Annie, if you're reading this, 1. come down to Dallas for a show sometime in the near future, please! and 2. I just wanted you to know that if I were ever stuck on a desert island I'd want two things... my guitar and your lovely voice!!