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Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Widescreen) <b>DVD</b> ~ Jason Scott Lee
There are things here about Bruce's life that are fictional (Bruce's book "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do" wasn't published until AFTER his death) and some of the facts the filmmakers did get right were somewhat out of order (Bruce's father died in 1965, not 1970, and Bruce also didn't put his Jeet Kune Do philosophy on paper until 1970), but this movie wasn't hurt on bit by all that. It's an absolute blast to watch Bruce's long, rigorous journey from being just another Chinaman to the legend that he is today. Of the facts of Bruce's life that are true in this movie, my favorite is when he is teaching Martial Arts to non-chinese. This upsets much of the Chinese community, who order Bruce to stop… Read more