Fred K. Lee

The fricking literary phenomena!
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Birthday: May 24
In My Own Words:
Do you remember when a care-free jaunt thru 8 European countries could be done without sacrificing an arm & a leg?I do, so come along & relive those days. I spent 3 weeks in each of the years '73,'74 & '76 travelling there. I've taken the most humourous & adventurous parts & written then down.
I had fun writing this book, I hope you have as much reading it!

Epilogue: My janitorial 'career' laste… Read more

This book is not for kids but neither is it one of Grimm's fairy tales, The language is salty and some parts would be considered lewd and lacivious by the Christian Science Monitor.. I think they are funny! And if you are looking for literature like … Read more


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Damn, It Was an Adventure!: A Slice of the Life an&hellip by Rick Leken
Trust me, its a good read that takes you across Canada and down to Mexico. Lots of pictures of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more!

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Neophyte by Fred K. Lee
Neophyte by Fred K. Lee