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Hedgehogs Today by Dennis Kelsey-Wood
Hedgehogs Today by Dennis Kelsey-Wood
All of Kelsey-Woods' books have terrific photos, but poorly organized and often inaccurate information. Sections on hedgehog diet recommend foods that are high in fat, low in protein -- exactly the opposite of what a hedgehog needs. He also recommends the use of gloves while handling hedgehogs -- a true no-no if you ever expect your pet to bond with you. The habitats shown in the book are not large enough for an active hedgehog.
This book is widely distributed, and I am sad every time I see it displayed in a bookstore. Hedgehogs all over the country are receiving sub-standard care because of this book.
African Pygmy Hedgehog New Pet by Dennis Kelsey-Wood
African Pygmy Hedgehog New Pet by Dennis Kelsey-Wood
As a longtime hedgehog owner and rescuer, I am saddened to see that this is one of the more widely distributed books on pet hedgehogs in the country. The information is outdated and inaccurate, but since hedgehogs are fairly new as pets, many novice owners will not catch on to the problems in this book.
The diet that Mr. Kelsey-Wood recommends in his books is too high in fat, too low in protein for a pet hedgehog. In addition, the habitats he shows are too small for a typical active hedgehog! But for those owners used to seeing small mammals like hamsters in tiny cages, with grain-based diet, how are they expected to know that hedgehogs have radically different needs?
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Hedgehogs by Matthew M. Vriends Ph.D.
Hedgehogs by Matthew M. Vriends Ph.D.
1.0 out of 5 stars Outdated and inaccurate, Sept. 19 2001
I don't know where to start. This book recommends activities that I consider to be catastrophically bad for hedgehogs, like keeping them on cedar shavings, which can cause respiratory failure. I just can't recommend.