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I have a PhD in Education from the University of Delaware, and this fall, will be an Assistant Professor in East Carolina University's College of Education. I've taught classes in the history, philosophy, and politics of education (as well as a general philosophy course).

My biggest interest, as you can see, is reading stuff that is outside of my discipline (and some stuff in my discipline). I… Read more

Reading: philosophy, education, politics, social studies. I do relish the occasional murder mystery of well-written piece of "literary fiction."

Music: jazz (West Coast, Soul/organ jazz), Classical (from the classical period and current "minimalis… Read more


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On James by Robert Talisse
On James by Robert Talisse
Drs. Talisse and Hester have here written a very good introduction to a very worthy thinker - American philosopher William James. These two writers, of course, had their work cut out for them. James, after all, wrote what would be known as 'classics' in no less than three fields: psychology [Principles of Psychology], religious anthropology [Varieties of Religious Experience] and, of course, philosophy [Pragmatism].
Considering that anyone writing a 90 page book on such a prolific thinker has a lot to deal with, our authors' focus almost exclusively on James' philosophical, rather than psychological, essays. And they succeed beautifully in breaking James's amazingly pluralistic and… Read more
Drumming ~ Reich
Drumming ~ Reich
Like many other 'minimalist' works, 'Drumming' is an amazingly delicious blend of subtlety and complexity; of static patterns and forward motion. For those unfamiliar with 'Drumming' here is a brief synopsis.
The process comprising the 'method' of this peice is called 'phasing.' There are about six percussionists (tuned drums, marimba, glockenspiel) that start off playing the same two bar pattern. While some of the musicians keep the pattern at a steady tempo, one or two others graudually speed up, getting ahead of the others. This happens untill the 'sped up' musicians are exactly one quarter-notes-pace ahead of the others; then they sync back up. Now what was once a unison pattern is… Read more
A Long Short War: The Postponed Liberation of Iraq by Christopher Hitchens
I am one who has always been critical of our reasons for going into Iraq and, further, how we've conducted the Iraq 'war.' But I am equally uncomfortable when around my anti-war friends who, to me, always seem to oversimplify the issue by suggesting absuridities like (a) we should have given Iraq more time (as the UN has for 10 years, to no appreciable avail); (b) Saddam Hussein posed little threat to the international community (ignoring that even Clinton knew this wasn't true); or worst of all (c) that the war in Iraq will encourage Islamic anti-americanism even more (as if this wouldn't have happened anyway).
So as an opposer of the Iraq war, I appreciate reading books like… Read more