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The Riddle of the Rosicrucians by Manly P. Hall
Manly Hall's short book on the history on the authenticity of the Rosicrucians is a well documented and researched book. Originally published in 1949, Hall examines the original texts of the Rosicrucians, such as the The Fame and Confessions of the Fraternity of the R. C. Hall questions the author, the reality of Rosicrucian Order and what the intentions behind it was. Like many, by now, have understood that it is very probable that a Rosicrucian order did not exist in the 1600's at the time of the publication. But because of the mystery that surrounded it, along with its popularity of the time, many people claimed to have belonged to such an order. Yet, no real author was stepping out to… Read more
Right Thinking, the Royal Road to Health by Manly P. Hall
In this short book by Manly Hall, originally published in 1931, discusses, initially, the problems of disease and how our thinking manifests problems in our lives. What may start out as a small problem many times never gets resolved. By holding it within, it infects our thinking and festers over a long period of time and eventually becomes a disease. The cure, then, accordinly, is not through medication, pills and avoidance, but rather a dissolution of those old issues by bringing them to light (consciousness) and resolving it. As he writes, "If you think this fits you it probably does not; if you are sure it does not, it probably does." This is a general safe way of thinking to… Read more
Psychoanalyzing the Twelve Zodiacal Types by Manly P. Hall
Originally published in 1929, Hall's Psychoanalyzing the Twelve Zodiacal Types is a somewhat misleading title. By reading Halls other works, one will gather he has a solid understanding of human psychology. But this book does not venture too far into the psychological world, and for the most part remains an astrology book more than a psychology book. The book is laid out typically, with each sign getting its own chapter, and in groups according to their class (i.e. cardinal, fixed, common). I feel that the descriptions for each zodiac is not too far from what you would find in other well written (and understood) astrology books. This book is concise and to the point and makes no claims of… Read more