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Chapman Stick player, progressive rock/metal enthusiast, avid reader. I have neither the time nor the interest to review everything I read or hear, but I am sometimes moved to contribute when I feel my opinion might make a difference: when I disagree with the consensus, when I feel an important point or perspective has been overlooked, and especially when it won't get buried in a large number of … Read more


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JLA: A League of One by Christopher Moeller
JLA: A League of One by Christopher Moeller
As other reviews have made clear, this book should appeal to Wonder Woman fans. However, as a JLA fan -- and not because of Wonder Woman -- I found it somewhat lacking. Attempting to marry the already troublesome concepts of Wonder Woman's Greek-ish mythology and a dragon (with servant gnomes) left over from medieval times, Moeller goes way overboard with 60s-style Stan Lee "Hoary Halls of Hoggoth" pseudo-mystic dialogue, in addition to the common comic transgression of having a character explain his or her attributes for uninformed readers (I'm pretty sure that, after all these years, Wonder Woman doesn't need Martian Manhunter to tell her that fire is his race's greatest… Read more
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams
While I agree with the consensus that the story is, indeed, humorous, convoluted, completely interconnected, and ultimately a confusing but inspired delight, there are plenty of reviews to that effect, so I shall narrow my focus to the specific format in which I purchased it, which is the Abridged Audio CD edition, read by the author, on which there are many fewer comments.
There are a few minor complaints about this edition. The six CDs packaged in a box of the size that, a decade ago, was used for double CDs, is novel, but the spindles hold the CDs to the tray so tightly that, removing them, one feels as if something's about to snap. The dynamic range is so great that, with any… Read more
Ok Computer ~ Radiohead
Ok Computer ~ Radiohead
Those who were able to hear "OK Computer" when it was Radiohead's newest release are surely better able to appreciate the evolution that led to "Kid A". Unfortunately for me, I started with "Kid A" and, encouraged, started working my way backward. So, with apologies to the legions who clearly love this disc, I offer a warning to those moving chronologically backward as I did: in retrospect, "OK Computer" sounds like more of the same.
That's not necessarily bad, is it? 3 stars is not an unrespectable rating, and it's not an unrespectable album. For those in love with the "Kid A" sound, there's plenty on this recording to like at first listen and plenty more as it grows on you. But,… Read more