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You Cannot Be Serious by John Mcenroe
You Cannot Be Serious by John Mcenroe
2.0 out of 5 stars Mac the Diplomat, May 23 2003
I consider John McEnroe to be the finest announcer in all of sport. His insights are keen; his humor at once good natured and dry; his enthusiasm contagious. Why James Kaplan elected to dilute Mac at his best I don't know. It could be, of course, that Mac himself is too blame. This autobio suggests, though, that while Mac would recognize that he might deserve such blame, his bluntness in such an admission should not be mistaken for his own allegiance to the position. In other words, he _suggests_ blame as an option, while at once offering more self-serving possibilities. The result of his repeated such strategy is a book that reads most obliquely. Somehow, Mac's obliqueness is not… Read more