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I am a long term fan of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Classical Literature. Favourite authors: I. Asimov,A. Mccaferey,S. Baxter, A. Dumas, F. Dostoyevsky, R. Feist.


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Metaconcert by Julian May
Metaconcert by Julian May
Human evolution has reached a new stage, and individuals are being born all over the world, with awesome mental abilities. Two of these, Rogi and Don Remillard, would change the world. Dons first born Denis, now a Professor of MetaPsychology, leads the World in the new Mental revolution, fighting to ensure that his fellow psychics can develope peacefully and freely. His evil brother Victor, intent on conquering the world, has a very different vision for the human Mind. Only one can prevail.
The benevolent aliens, led by the mysterious Family Ghost, must work through the humble offices of Rogi, to ensure that Denis and not Victor writes the script for mankinds future.
Black and… Read more
Surveillance by Julian May
Surveillance by Julian May
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Long before George Lucas thought of making a prequel to Star wars, Julian May revisited the universe of her Pliocene Exile to tell us the origins of the story, though with a time line like this, the word origin is meaningless.
Meet Rogatien Remillard (Rogi for short - pronounced Rogue He) and his twin brother Donatien (Don). Born in late 1945, just months after Hiroshima, the two have a relatively normal childhood. Normal, that is, except for their developing mental powers and Rogi's regular visits from a mysterious, benevolent, invisible entity he dubs Le Phantome Familier - The Family Ghost.
As the twins mature, they take very diferent paths. Rogi, sterilised in his youth by the… Read more
Adversary by Julian May
Adversary by Julian May
The end is nigh, Night is about to Fall. The ogreish Firvulag plot amongst themselves, eager to fight the Final Battle and defeat their Foe once and for all. The elfin Tanu, finally united under their new Golden King, are rapidly changing traditions that have stood for millenia. The scattered Lowlives, once renegade humans hiding in the woods, are forming a third power block, using technology smuggled from the future and the deadly bloodmetal, fatal to the alien races. And high above them all, in her self imposed isolation, reluctant planetary guardian Elizabeth Orm bears the burdens of three races on her tired shoulders.
The signs are all around, the portents fulfilled, the NightFall… Read more