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Eon by Greg Bear
Eon by Greg Bear
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The absolutely blatent plagerizing of Arthur C. Clarke's "Rendevous With Rama" series aside, this book is a fairly healthy mix of harcore science fiction (heavy on the physics) and absolutely random tangents of plot that go nowhere.
I found the book unsatisfying in story development and resolution, but interesting enough in theoretical creativity to balance it out.
Destiny's Road by Larry Niven
Destiny's Road by Larry Niven
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I've read almsot everything Niven has ever had printed. He's one of my favorite authors from my youth.
That being said, this book was so painful to read that it made me physically angry.
The plot wanders aimlessly, at times almost like entire chapters had fallen from the book binding. I kept finding myself backing up in the book trying to see where I missed what was going on, only to discover that IT WASN'T IN THE BOOK. Years would pass unremarked from one page to the next. Characters disappeared, never to be mentioned again, new ones appeared and treated as if they'd been there for 100 pages.
Not simply a waste of time, but a literary insult to the reader.
New Spring: The Novel by Robert Jordan
New Spring: The Novel by Robert Jordan
The first Wheel of Time book was released 15 years ago, that's 1/4 of the average human lifespan. People who bought the first book as an adolescent teenager, are now grown adults with teenage children of their own. People who were sent to prison for multiple homicides have served out theie terms and been relased, only to find that they are not behind in their Robert Jordan reading list.
What exactly is Jordan thinking? DRagging this series out far, far beyond human endurance, and nearly lifespan, and now he releases a PREQUEL, before the actual series is finished?????
Jordan started out realeasing a WOT book every year, and that's not unreasonable for a trilogy, but for a… Read more