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Driv3r by Infogrames
Driv3r by Infogrames
Driv3r is an obvious offshoot of the blockbuster hit Grand Theft Auto - Vice City. Unlike Vice City's mythical city, Driv3r uses real life streets of Miami, Nice and Istanbul.
While this is obviously riding on the coattails of Vice City, it would of course be a mistake to want any other game to be exactly LIKE Vice City. Why would you buy it if it was an exact duplicate? Instead, Driv3r has you as Tanner, a FBI agent stationed in Miami, going through its real streets, getting sucked into a conspiracy.
The graphics are really pretty impressive. On one hand, you get a general person-model like in Vice City - reasonably good, not Splinter Cell high quality. The clouds overhead are… Read more
Counter-Strike - Xbox by Microsoft
Counter-Strike - Xbox by Microsoft
In an amazing sign of how metamorphic the gaming industry is, XBox Counterstrike is a console version of a PC mod of of HalfLife.
First, for those who have never heard of counterstrike, this was a user-created modification of the classic HalfLife game. Counterstrike pit counterterrorists against terrorists in a team vs team situation, moving through a variety of city, town and other landscapes.
As you might imagine, the graphics have been updated to take advantage of the great XBox engine. You get great rain and fog effects, as well as reasonably nice terrains. This isn't Splinter Cell, but it is far better than the original PC version.
The sounds are reasonably good too,… Read more
Soldner: Secret Wars by Encore Software
Soldner: Secret Wars by Encore Software
That's not a typo, the name of this game is actually Soldner. This first person shooter claims to have 2 million miles of terrain to explore.
The character creation is rather nice. There are amazing combinations of helmet, clothing, design, etc. to truly make a character that reflects your attitude. The chance of finding someone else just like you in the game is slim.
Game graphics are rather decent. There are various terrains, rain, snow, fog. There are buildings, forests, meadows. In addition, the terrain is deformable. You can shoot out the glass windows, blow up the buildings, knock down the trees. The buildings send up clouds of smoke as they fall.
On the downside,… Read more