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Murdoch Mysteries: Season One <b>DVD</b> ~ Yannick Bisson
Murdoch Mysteries: Season One DVD ~ Yannick Bisson
Murdoch Mysteries is an excellent murder mystery series. The cast is exceptionally well suited for their role and Constable Crabtree adds so much humour. The series is very fast paced and there is strong character development, not cardboard by any means. Filmed largely in Cambridge Ontario, and set in the late 1890's, Murdoch employs the latest detective techniques to solve murders. We also see the tensions of race, religion and class in Toronto of the day. And the ever lasting question: will William (Murdoch) and Julia (Dr. Ogden) get together? Each episode is an hour but story lines run through the series. Also, visit the Murdoch website and read Crabtree's novel. Hilarious [...] Murdoch… Read more