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A lot of people are sensitive about their reviews. I'm not...I encourage you to voice your displeasure in the comments section. If I post a comment on your review it aint a call for battle so why reply with an attitude or like you are gonna come to my house??? Just remember....don't come in the culdesac because it's only one way out! lol

But for real, it's just a review....no need to lose live… Read more


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Hunger For More ~ Lloyd Banks
Hunger For More ~ Lloyd Banks
I admit after hearing the G-Unit Beg For Mercy cd, I wrote off both Young Buck and Lloyd Banks. That cd was just horrible to me (It had its moments though). So naturally I wasn't ecstatic when this cd dropped and I didn't expect too much from it. But I must've been sleeping because Lloyd Banks is On Fire. This man is tight.
Although his voice sometimes gets low on the track he still be spitting some tight stuff. The beats for the most part are also a notch above greatness, although the occasional wack G-Unit beat pops up...*cough* Playboy *cough cough*. The single 'On Fire' was a great choice for the single, that beat is addictive and the song is tightwork. The Timbaland… Read more
Presents Hypnotize Camp Posse ~ Three 6 Mafia
THree Six Mafia is known for dropping cd's with banging beats and super gangsta lyrics with menacing flows. I don't know how to explain it but their music has an addictive edge to it. You feel more hostile when you listening to a Hypnotize Mindz project. And when played at night can spark some serious kinda attitude in ya. And that's why they are as successful as they are in the underground southern scene and commercial world. No one makes music like they do. No one even remotely close to what they bring to the table. THeir music is unique but very enjoyable.
This Hypnotize Camp Posse album is without a doubt one of the Mafia's best cd's. DJ Paul & Juicy J definitely put it down on… Read more
Friday (Widescreen) <b>DVD</b> ~ Ice Cube
Friday (Widescreen) DVD ~ Ice Cube
"Ain't nobody out here man I don't even know why I'm trippin, Don't nobody wanna mess wit da Smoke Dog Rooo Rooo, roooo rooo, Roooo Roooo!....who dat?!?"
"It ain't dem niccas that act hard...."
Man this movie is hands down the greatest comedy I have ever seen. Even when it turns serious and they are about to get smoked it is still funny. And when Craig was finna get beat up by Deebo, the classic line that makes me laugh everytime comes up "yeah put that gun down Craig and get knocked out like ya father used to!"
There are so many memorable lines and scenes that it would be useless to try and go through… Read more