L. Byron

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a history student: L. Byron: terrarius (westaz-healond), not to be confused with George Noel Gordon, Musset, Miller, Mickiewicz, Pushkin; cf., Eh Lai from Yin pen chi [yin: abundant?, ben: original?, ji: annals], a chapter from Shih chi (Ssu-ma Ch'ein, c. 104 B.C.): Chou also employed Eh Lai. Eh Lai was good at saying bad things, and the subordinate lords drifted away.


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The Golden Ass: The Transformations of Lucius
5.0 out of 5 stars the first novel?, May 23 2000
The most shocking thing about this book is how un-unusual it is. All the cliches, jokes, etc., which one takes for granted, are here centuries ago and unchanged by time. Reading it is stepping back in time and realizing that 2000 years is nothing--for there has been little or no change in our collective sensibilities and desires. Beyond its offer of the eternal human, if that were not enough, here is the only printed evidence of initiation into a Mystery Cult--very important in itself, for scholars anyway. But what is most enlightening is the revelation that all that you read you have heard before. These stories are somehow part of Western tradition, or perhaps all human… Read more