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Spider-Man - The '67 Collection <b>DVD</b> ~ Paul Soles
Like many, I have fond memories of watching this cartoon in reruns during the early 80's. Lately, I've been reduced to seeing low-quality mpegs cut from videotapes. Finally, we'll all be able to get our hands on this long-awaited DVD release!
Spanning six discs are the following episodes that made up the series:
"The Power of Doctor Octopus, "Sub-Zero For Spidey", "Where Crawls the Lizard," "Electro the Human Lightning Bolt", "The Menace of Mysterio", "The Sky is Falling, "Captured By J. Jonah Jameson", "Never Step On a Scorpion, "Sands of Crime", "Diet of Destruction," "The Witching Hour", "Kilowatt Kaper," "The Peril of Parafino", "Horn of the Rhino", "The One-Eyed Idol,"… Read more
A Time to Hate (Star Trek The Next Generation)
5.0 out of 5 stars The ties that bind., June 28 2004
Those that complained the previous volume, "A Time to Love," lacked action and fast pacing, will certainly be sated by the latest entry in the "A Time to..." saga. Greenberger will undoubtedly make up for what others seemed to perceive as a lack of action in "...Love." Regardless, "...Hate" builds off of the plot elegantly constructed in the previous entry, starting off with a manhunt and ending on an ominous note.
The theme of the novel, of course, is the resolution of a planetwide catastrophe--something that sits well against the backdrop of the Riker familial conflict. Will faces his personal demons, as does Kyle; both men are… Read more
A Time to Die (Star Trek The Next Generation) by John Vornholt
"A Time to Die" picks up immediately where "Born" leaves off; Picard is railroaded by the tribunal, and Nechayev bargains for his career. Riker is made acting captain, Data has his emotion chip removed--voluntarily--and everyone else is left to deal with the reprecussions of Rashanar. It is key to remember that there will be a grand total of nine books in the "A Time to..." cycle, and not all answers can be--nor are they expected to be--revealed in the first two novels.
Vornholt has given the reader a taste of the changes--such as Data's loss of his emotion chip--and set the stage for what will surely be a poignant, bittersweet exit for the crew and… Read more

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