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Core PHP Programming (3rd Edition) by Leon Atkinson
1.0 out of 5 stars Book of lies!, April 14 2004
So, I thought the negative reviews on this page were kinda suspicious. I decided to buy the book anyways because of all the positive reviews. But, whoa! The negative reviews were right. This book sure is highbrow stuff. I mean, if you're an intermediate PHP programmer, you *might* understand this book. It tends to explain concepts on a high level and leave you to figure out implementation on your own.
On one hand, the book explains very basic concepts about PHP as if you were some sort of newbie. Then, when it has to get to the meat of actually writing code, then the book treats you as if you're a veteran PHP user. Kinda weird.
But, yeah, in general I didn't like this book. I'm no… Read more