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If It Was You ~ Tegan and Sara
If It Was You ~ Tegan and Sara
When I first heard of this band it was a couple of months ago when they were opening for Ben Folds. I never got to go to one of those concerts, so I quickly forgot about those names(Tegan and Sara, not Ben.)
Recently, though, on a program called "Subterranean" on MTV2 I saw a kitschy video by the duo, and it clicked - this was that pair that went on tour w/Ben. ! And get this: It was a great song.

I d/loaded a few tracks and I loved them... Then, finally, I cracked and bought the album. This disc is great! These girls know how to write meaningful, melodic tunes and in an age where it's apparently not a big deal to get a pop think-tank to co-write for you, they actually… Read more