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What do I fear most in the world? The possibility that, in the end, love might not be enough.
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I want back the days of prehistoric MTV and raw Ghekko's greed. I want the novelty of chrome. The chinking of pachinko parlors. 49¢ gizmos. And Hong-Kong heroics. I want back Clavel' Far East. Iron Curtain bogeymen. Fake deli orgasms. And the soothing Sea of Neon Dreams. Infinite. Infinite in all directions.

I am a NeuroBiologist with a PhD in NeuroScience. My research topics include memory and consciousness.

A Gen-X'er with a mid-80s nostalgia and a New Millennium curiosity; a TWIN PEAKS fan (hence, the photo-legend), which I believe to be the greate… Read more

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24" LED 1080p 5ms by Samsung
24" LED 1080p 5ms by Samsung
5.0 out of 5 stars A BRILLIANT MONITOR, July 3 2014
After more than a decade, my trusted SONY SDM-S was starting to show its age. For too long, I was willing to put up with its slow response time and obsolete geometry because it was a solid, reliable PC monitor and it looked great on my home desk, with its total black and clear-cut design. Yet, all good things come to an end. After a number of warning flickerings, I realized the end was nigh. It was time to find a replacement.

After extensive research I knew I had found what I was looking for when I saw this SAMSUNG S24C750P: a brilliant 23.6" (16:9) monitor with a decent response time and the deepest blacks you can find. The later is due to the fact that this is patented PSA… Read more
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls EXP (Eng Only) by Activision Blizzard
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If paying for a small DLC (which adds a single character, 2 hours of gameplay and randomized dungeons - unrelated to the story), the same amount the money you would for a complete full-priced game makes sense to you, kindly stop here. This review is not for you. In any other case, please read on.

Charging 66% of the original game's price for only 20% of extra content is disgustingly greedy. This is not an expansion in any sense of the word. It is an overpriced DLC - and a small one at that.
Are we paying for BLIZZARD to fix their game(!) or do we need to pay as much as a premium game to get randomized dungeons in a game that was way… Read more
Moleskine Large Notebook Ruled Pages Oxide Green H&hellip by Moleskine
Let's be honest for a moment: until a reliable and accurate speech-to-text App comes along, no electronic device can even come close to the practicality of a paper notebook. And those classic-looking MOLESKINES are a good example of this.

I like the hard covers and the stylish elastic band. I like the rounded corners and the perfect size. I like the handy back inner pocket and the British green colour. And I certainly like the looks I get every time I pull it out my briefcase.

On the other hand, I would have liked the paper to be somewhat thicker, enough to be able to use both sides of the page without having to suffer ink sipping through. And I certainly would not… Read more