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I write my reviews for me. I want to highlight the impact of the book and what entered my mind when I read it. I read so much I can't possibly remember books in the present tense, so my reviews are a diary, a memory book, a journal of those experiences. It is often plain disgust, but I back it up with concrete examples and reasoning. Basically, I want all my reviews to be helpful in making a purch… Read more

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Top Reviewer Ranking: 79 - Total Helpful Votes: 202 of 237
Inside Out: Building a Glass House in Russia by Glenn Williamson
4.0 out of 5 stars How the Russians do it, April 9 2014
We often hear about how Russia is nearly a western country, wants to be a western country, is making strides towards modernization in the western way. Glenn Williamson is here to tell you its not true. Russia is Russian, with graft, corruption, greed, sloth, sloppiness and near zero motivation. Forward progress, at an individual or corporate level, is a miracle.

He describes his apartments as leaky tents, where you just put up with the dripping and the puddles, because sewing a patch requires permits, a designer, approvals and installers. He deals with the necessity of bribes on a daily basis. Building a modern atrium-style office/retail complex for international partners is a… Read more
Poison Spring by E G Vallianatos
Poison Spring by E G Vallianatos
Its Big Tobacco all over again, but this time in pesticides and herbicides. Science doesnt matter. Deaths dont matter. Laws dont matter. Nothing is allowed to stand in the way of Big Chem. We now use more than five billion pounds of pesticides a year in the USA. So the plan is working. Yet losses from insects, which would stand at 41% of the crop if we used no chemicals at all, instead stand at 37%. But of course with that comes pollution, disease, and shrinking biodiversity. So its not even beneficial, is one of Vallianatos many points in Poison Spring. Only between .0000001% and .003% of pesticides actually reach their target insects. The rest goes into the air, soil and water to… Read more
Great and Glorious Adventure, A: A Military Histor&hellip by Gordon Corrigan
3.0 out of 5 stars Proudly biased, April 7 2014
What was wrong with the French? Why didnt they just let the English take over their lands? Why did they have to keep fighting? Why did they want to push the English back across the Channel? These are the puzzling questions that led English kings to keep crossing the Channel for over a century to try to get the French to let them rule. All they wanted was everything. Three million Brits wanted control over 16 million French. King after king led sorties and sieges - that succeeded. But the English never consolidated their victories by occupying and administering (until about 90 years into it). They swept through the land, destroying anything that was not sufficiently defended, and moved on,… Read more