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"Hundreds of people can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see. To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, religion, all in one." John Ruskin.

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Top Reviewer Ranking: 76 - Total Helpful Votes: 220 of 256
Art Deco Masterpieces by Derek Ostergard
Art Deco Masterpieces by Derek Ostergard
4.0 out of 5 stars Different Deco, Aug. 25 2014
Art Deco Masterpieces is a collection of nearly sixty images of art, by about 50 artists (some with multiple entries). The pieces are almost entirely objects, so the art deco is applied rather than designed. The irony is that Ostergard criticizes art nouveau, the movement that preceded art deco, precisely for being applied rather than reimagining. This is a longstanding bogus criticism, but Ostergard goes further, demoting art nouveau to an idiom as punishment. Then the irony again, as the majority of the artists in the book got their training, experience and inspiration working in art nouveau. It gives the book a little conflict, which is not a bad thing.
When we think of art deco,… Read more
Michelangelo: A Life in Six Masterpieces by Miles J. Unger
4.0 out of 5 stars Caution: Genius at Work, July 30 2014
Caution: Genius at Work
I can honestly say Ive never read a biography as gripping as Michelangelo. His life was a constant controversy. He made enemies, he dodged (metaphorical) bullets, and he made art. He was an unpleasant misogynist who ironically adored nothing more than portraying the human body. He was universally recognized as the greatest, within his own lifetime. He lied and embellished, but his art speaks for itself. It all makes for a great read.

He was doubly cursed; he lived in interesting times, and was an interesting character. Michelangelos greatest achievement was to fuse the artist and his work. That is a huge transition point, centered on Michelangelo in… Read more
A Great and Glorious Adventure: A History of the H&hellip by Gordon Corrigan
3.0 out of 5 stars Proudly Biased, July 15 2014
What was wrong with the French? Why didnt they just let the English take over their lands? Why did they have to keep fighting? Why did they want to push the English back across the Channel? These are the puzzling questions that led English kings to keep crossing the Channel for over a century to try to get the French to let them rule. All they wanted was everything. Three million Brits wanted control over 16 million French. King after king led sorties and sieges - that succeeded. But the English never consolidated their victories by occupying and administering (until about 90 years into it). They swept through the land, destroying anything that was not sufficiently defended, and moved on,… Read more