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I Care 4 U ~ Aaliyah
I Care 4 U ~ Aaliyah
5.0 out of 5 stars ooooh tight!, March 12 2003
This movie is slammin..... I love the song Don't Know What To Tell Ya its one of the best unrealesed songs on the cd.
any contrary to what everyone else says i think the song Erica Kane is fantastic... cause the corus even tho it repeats over again its just like the drug itself, what it does to u. its fantastically written.
but there are the slammin oldies as well...
And the dvd to my knowledge has every VIDEO/SONG practically ever made by Aaliyah. and also behind the scene video,..
I must admit tho the video is lightly fuzzy but hardly noticable.
I think this is a must buy, for any Aaliyah fan.. no matter if u like her little its a must!

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