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Top Reviewer Ranking: 2,780 - Total Helpful Votes: 49 of 65
Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming by Richard Bandler
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You may have heard of NLP, but if you haven't it's not your fault: Neuro Linguistic Programming (fittingly) has been simmering below the surface of the public consciousness for a few decades now. NLP is the study of how our minds use, interpret and process language and thought. This seemingly geeky subject turns out to be incredibly fun and useful, if you can figure it out. Using NLP in your day to day life effectively is kinda like the 'stop the bullets in mid-air' scene in The Matrix. Yes, I'm talking about hypnosis. Buckle up.

To start, I found the title 'Frogs into Princes' (though obscure to the casual Barnes and Noble shopper) brilliant in what this book is attempting to… Read more
Borderless Economics: Chinese Sea Turtles, Indian &hellip by Robert Guest
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The thing that you have to understand about Economists is that they're generally an optimistic bunch, but they're really annoyed by the complications of'reality. They love models: models are perfect and simple. Because they omit externalities and oddities, they work perfectly. The simplest of models involve but two variables: wine and cheese, money and time, socks and shoes, and so on. As you progress further in your studies of the dismal science, you must heartbreakingly accept that in the real world, there is almost no application for a two-variable model.

It's heartbreaking because in the sterile simplicity of Economics, the world works perfectly. Everyone who wants a job, has… Read more
The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding: How to Build a &hellip by Al Ries
What is a brand? Is it a name? A logo? A funky design or attitude? A brand is a symbol for an idea. More specifically, a brandname is a word that can be uttered in any country, in any 'language' and mean the same thing. If a company is consistent and strong in repeating the same message over and over, in time, its brandname will become synonymous with an idea. If the company keeps changing its stripes, the name never catches on, and means nothing. McDonalds is about Family Food. Subway is about Fresh. Pepsi is about Fun

If you get really good at this, as a Brand Manager, and you create a brand new product and its name can describe an entire category. A few examples of unbeatable… Read more

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