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A Bookaholic, Catholic, with Aspergers, who reads a lot. I read well over 400 books every year! I`ve been blogging since 2005 but started book blogging in 2007. I love reading many types of books non-fiction to novels; picture books to adult literature. I post my reviews on many book sites.
My especial eclectic interests include:
1. graphic novels & manga 2. forensics 3. serial killers 4. n… Read more

Besides reading & writing I like: going to Mass, walking, chatting over coffee or wine, dancing, not worrying or stressing, and taking each day as it comes.

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Top Reviewer Ranking: 29 - Total Helpful Votes: 975 of 1144
Always Emily by Michaela MacColl
Always Emily by Michaela MacColl
Overall, I quite enjoyed this Gothic mystery in the vein of the Bronte sisters, Emily and Charlotte, on whom the book uses both as inspiration and as the main characters. Elements are taken from both "Jane Eyre" and "Wuthering Heights" and incorporated into this historical mystery featuring the sisters and their brother, Branwell. I found it rather slow for a mystery and more in tune with the novels than the real Brontes but nevertheless it was still an entertaining Gothic mystery. Of particular note is the engaging Author's Note at the end of the novel detailing some real historical facts and notes on where she took artistic license.
Age of Darkness Volume 1 by Joe Brusha
Age of Darkness Volume 1 by Joe Brusha
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, Aug. 16 2014
Awesome! This is a major volume in the Grimm Universe with all the realms coming together for an epic battle with the Dark Queen and her Dark Horde. A lot of major characters are in this one with some new ones being introduced as well. Things are getting pretty hairy for Grimm readers, especially like me who can't seem to get a grip on what order everything should be read. But this is definately a set up volume and even though it jumps all over the place it also puts into perspective what is going on with everyone. This volume itself mentions Myst, Wonderland, the New Gods and the Realm Knights. Lots of action and violence as usual but surprisingly tamer than the norm on sex and titillating… Read more
Star Wars: Jedi Academy #2: Return of the Padawan by Jeffrey Brown
I've really been looking forward to this sequel ever since I finished the first book. I'd say this one is probably even better than the first because rather than just being a story of events in the life of a first year away at school, this volume actually has a plot. Roan spends the year having a misunderstanding with his closest friends making them grow apart and not really speaking to each other all year. By virtue of being assigned to team up with them for a class project he finds himself with the bully/bad apple kids and starts joining their group feeling good belonging to this "cool" but troublesome clique. They are really only using him though because he is smart and it gives… Read more

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