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I'm a wife, mother, homemaker. I am passionate about my hobby of reading and marinating in all things "bookish".

Reading, writing, animal rescue, all things British/Irish/Scottish, as well as really good coffee


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Trials Of Tiffany Trott by Isabel Wolff
Trials Of Tiffany Trott by Isabel Wolff
Well, what do I say? The book started out, and I genuinely laughed out loud a few times. Tiffany and her motley assortment of friends had some funny observations on life, and I enjoyed bits of the snarky humor. I did find Tiffany a bit self absorbed and hard to like, but figured she would redeem herself part way through the book. I mean, everyone has to grow up, right? But the truth is, by half way through, I not only found that I didn't like or empathize with her, but that she was a bit of an idiot. I couldn't see why her friends liked her, since everything seemed to be about her. She never did grow up. So, for over 400 pages, I was reading about someone who had the emotional maturity of a… Read more
The Shipping News by Annie Proulx
The Shipping News by Annie Proulx
I loved this book. The prose reflected the subject being described. When the setting is being described, it's beautiful, flowing, free. When you start getting into the characters, you find that the dialogue and description are less flowing, and this fits the awkward, dysfunctional qualities that each of the characters had. The triumph is that despite their rather sizeable quirks, there's still hope, joy and incredible bravery in the end. I felt like I was drawn into another place amongst people who, while a bit weird, were all the more real. I was not just caught up in the main character's woes, but into the day to day life of the rest of the inhabitants. I highly recommend this book.
Rise Above: God Can Set You Free from Your Weight &hellip by Gwen Shamblin
I don't know why I bought the book as I was having some misgivings after reading the first Weigh Down book, but hope springs eternal, I guess. I started reading the book and just didn't, couldn't finish it. It doesn't happen very often, but I had a bad feeling about the tone and message of what Ms. Shamblin was saying. I did not know the whole broohaha about her views on the Trinity or her church affiliation, etc... at the time. Mine was a totally gut feeling that there was something wrong with the book and I tossed it.