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Transformers the Movie <b>DVD</b> ~ Orson Welles
Transformers the Movie DVD ~ Orson Welles
Ah, Transformers: The Movie. I'll admit it, I *like* TFTM but that's because I was fond of the movie as a child. Generally, 99.9999% of the reviews are "This is the Greatest Film Ever." Those people are either totally blinded by nostalgia or are too heavily medicated. This is no 'Dumbo.' 'No Bambi.' This isn't even a 'Rescuers: Down Under.' It's one of the poorer animated films, released as a major motion picture, from the last half of the twentieth century. Where to begin? It's obvious that TFTM is an hour and a half commercial for the 1986 line of the Transformers toys, so that's barely worth mentioning. The biggest insult of TFTM is that it took characters whom children had bonded with… Read more