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L.A. Guns ~ L.A. Guns
L.A. Guns ~ L.A. Guns
I think like RATT this band had potential but cut themselves short by writing, short songs. The 11 songs produce 37 minutes worth of rock, and two songs sort of take away from the album, so you basically have roughly 34 minutes of action.

Unlike RATT though, L.A. Guns came on the scene late and didn't get their dues until it was much too late.

This album was released in 88 and took a year to notice, I think the other problem is people thinking this band ripped off Guns N Roses.

The sound is unlike most 80s hair bands, it way more raunchy and it certainly is a great listen. Paying under $10 for this album is a good deal so I was certainly happy with my… Read more

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