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I was born in the Middle Ages, in the mosh pit of a KMFDM concert. My mother and two fathers immediately put me to work juicing saurkraut and drying pork rinds. I had a happy childhood, as you might guess. From there I moved to the Sahara Desert and built a theme park, after which I had the rare distinction of having three planets named after me. When I finally graduated from grammar school, … Read more


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Love at First Bite <b>VHS</b> ~ George Hamilton
Love at First Bite VHS ~ George Hamilton, a longie." This movie rocks. It's very 70's...disco dancing, Afro haircuts, joint smoking, Susan St. James, and free love. Who could ask for anything more?
George Hamilton has a great butt and makes for a dang sexy Dracula. Other than the George swooning, though, this is a movie that makes me laugh out loud just about every time I watch it. Richard Benjamen is hysterical as the jealous boyfriend who keeps unsuccessfully trying to kill the count. ("No, Rosenberg. That is for a vere-volf.") Arte Johnson is a bug-chomping bucket-o-laffs as Renfield. Susan St. James has a cute, self-effacing humor about her and is funny and lovable as the model who falls for Drac. It's… Read more
"Zorro, The Gay Blade (Widescreen)" <b>DVD</b> ~ George Hamilton
"Zorro, The Gay Blade (Widescreen)" DVD ~ George Hamilton
...I would have missed out on so many great movies!! I first saw this on HBO when I was 12, and I thought George Hamilton was a "hottie". Funny men have always done it for me. Ask my husband.
Anyway, I saw this movie last weekend...I'm now in my 30's...and it hasn't suffered any with age! George is still spectacular in two quite different roles; from virile, Spanish playboy to British, preening queen, he does not disappoint. The soundtrack is wonderful...borrowed, I believe, from "The Adventures of Don Juan". The genre is definitely screwball/spoof. You will laugh at the funny dialogue and probably enjoy the action of the fencing sequences as well.
I recommend also viewing… Read more
Dogma: Special Edition (Widescreen) (Bilingual) [I&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Ben Affleck
2.0 out of 5 stars The Emperor, July 20 2003
So, I saw this movie last year and was unimpressed; I was surprised because I expected to like it, having heard that it was a funny, intelligent movie. Today I decided to give it another chance and watch it again. I still didn't find it to be a very inspiring or entertaining film.
I noticed that the reviewers who said things like "This movie really made me THINK, man!" didn't mention what it made them think about. My theory about this film is that people see it and, rather than admit that they don't get it and risk sounding foolish, they act like there's this really profound message hidden there that they understand. I am here to tell you that there's really nothing to get. It's a… Read more