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Faith and the Placebo Effect by Lolette Kuby Ph.D
Faith and the Placebo Effect by Lolette Kuby Ph.D
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I read this book with a bit of skepticism about the topic but it didn't take me long to be convinced that you definitely have the power to heal yourself.
Dr. Kuby cured herself of breast cancer and lived with the lump for 8 years with absolutely no pain or problems.
Her book is an encouraging and well-written account of the power we all possess to heal ourselves.
It is one of the best books on the market for those interested in medicine and health.
I have yet to find a book to compare it to with regard to dispelling the myth of Doctor as G-D. The most enduring quote from the book, regarding the Hippocratic Oath, was "First, do no harm" which encapsulates the… Read more