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Remember The Future ~ Nektar
After hearing the LP in 1974 (a friend and I swiped his older sister's copy for a listen...) I knew these guys were special. Being only 12 yrs at the time - it took me 2 weeks to save enough $ to get my own copy! Back in the day when kids actually mowed lawns to get I'm rambling. Anyhow I don't need to go into detail about my disappointment having bought a pre 2002 CD - it sucked!!! I browsed Amazon last week and noticed the re-issue (yeah!) Bought it and loving it... I've been listening to an mp3 version ripped from vinyl. I had to make do. It's now cost me over $60.00 to get the proper recording (2 Cd's) - That's a lot of lawns. Bellaphon should remove the improper recording… Read more