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Top Reviewer Ranking: 22 - Total Helpful Votes: 384 of 439
This starts out SO great, with an opening title card that had me laughing out loud, that the modest decline during it's running time is more frustrating than it
really should be,

Two flaws grow as the movie goes on. The narrative gets more forced in it's eccentricity, straining a bit for effect, and robbing the dark comedy of some of the
emotional power it promises to deliver, along with all the quirks. (The ending especially feels a bit of a cop out). Beyond that, over time, the explicit stylistic
references to other films (the list is long but Wes Anderson in general and "Rushmore" in particular lead the way) started to make me question the seeming… Read more
Cousin Jules [Blu-ray] [Import]
4.0 out of 5 stars A unique film, Aug. 26 2014
A sort of directed documentary this beautifully photographed, almost wordless film slowly shows the day to day life of a real aging couple (in their 70s for most of the 5 years the film took to shoot) living in rural France. He works as some kind of metal worker in his small barn, she runs their small farm and house. Their activities are never explained, we just watch.

Yet the fact that there is artifice is acknowledged as well, in clever and telling ways. A couple of times one or the other of Jules or his wife Felicie look right into camera for a moment, and theres no attempt to hide the breaking of the 4th wall. One feels like the rare chit-chat there is between the two… Read more
War Games (25th Anniversary Edition) (Sous-titres &hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Matthew Broderick
Seeing this again, 30 years later, Im of two minds. Theres still a lot to enjoy in this slightly Disney version of an end-of-the-world thriller. Theres a lot of clever twists in the plot, some lovely performances, some real tension.

But it also all feels a bit light and softened to make it more audience friendly. That was probably the right decision commercially, but maybe not artistically. If original director Martin Brest had been allowed to finish the film, with the somewhat darker original script I read back then, I wonder if this could have been a bit of a minor classic, in the family of great nuclear war films like Dr. Strangelove and Fail Safe, instead of an… Read more

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The Others [Blu-ray] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Nicole Kidman
The Others [Blu-ray] Blu-ray ~ Nicole Kidman