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An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with&hellip by Mahatma Gandhi
As notable as they are, Gandhi's political successes are not what attracts me to this man.He had a sincere desire to know his own faults and arrogances (and to therefore, rid himself of them).This is the key to curing human relations.In my own life, this is what I look for in people.They don't even have to like me, so long as they are genuine in their attempt to see me as I truly am, and themselves for what they truly are.
Gandhi's infamous 'non-violence' beliefs and abstaining lifestyle sprout from this attitude.I think it is imperative that we realize that noble actions are the 'sprouts', whilst the courage to face one's own arrogances is the 'core' of successful humanity.I mean,… Read more
The French Betrayal of America by Kenneth R. Timmerman
The French Betrayal of America by Kenneth R. Timmerman
This author's factual accounts are credible and worthy of mention.But, he lacks sensitivity in regards to moral interpretation of these facts.
I do sympathize with the author's anger at the world's undue premise that America is inherently more culpible than everyone else.He is correct to defend against this unfair attitude.But, it is also undue to presume that America plays an inherently 'lesser' role in the betrayals it recieves (ie. from France), than the betrayers themselves.International political relationships are based on economical gain for one's own country.Therefore, as soon as loyalty is no longer 'economicaly viable', every country is equally ready to cease good relations… Read more
France: Greatest Songs Ever ~ Various
The first two tracks are so attractive.They are what lures people to contemporary french music.(So they 'are' appropriate to the cover's claim).But for the most part, I think France can offer quite a bit better.The compositions are actually very good, though.The instrumental element is exciting.It's the singers that I don't think are up to the standard of such a mighty title that's on the cover.Though, if you like the stereotypical syrup-like french charm, then it may be fine for your taste.Many of the old era french male singers are the same.But personally, I find it to be 'spread on a bit thick', the male singers in particular (there are numerous female vocal tracks too).Deep-toned french… Read more