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Annushka's Voyage by Edith Tarbescu
Annushka's Voyage by Edith Tarbescu
5.0 out of 5 stars Applause for Annushka!, Sept. 24 2000
ANNUSHKA'S VOYAGE A Children's Picture Book, Ages 4 - 8 Written by Edith Tarbescu Illustrated by Lydia Dabcovich Clarion Books, 1998 ISBN No. 0-395-64366-X, 32 Pages, $15.00
Anya (Annushka) and her little sister Tanya live with their grandparents in Russia. Each day, they work with their grandparents on the farm and await news from their father in America.
<i>Papa's letter was filled with funny pictures. There were drawingsof the doll factory where he worked and of the pigeons on his roof.
He wrote, "People say the streets here are paved with gold. I am saving money to buy steamship tickes for Anya and Tanya."
That's when Tanya started crying… Read more