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I simply love books and music, music and books--and of course good electronics with which to listen to my music. See? Simple.


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Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw: Abyssinia Infinite ~ Abyssinia Infinite
Anything Gigi touches turns to gold. She could sing the alphabet backwards and it would sound good. As the liner notes will tell you, this is a "concept album" with a more classical or traditional Ethiopian sound (call and response singing phrases, traditional instruments like the washint [flute], and more acoustics). Four of the 10 songs are traditional, the others were written by Gigi. Like Gigi's last two albums, this one is also in collaboration with Bill Laswell.
This is a beautiful album with more great singing from the excellent Gigi Shibabaw, good musicianship from Ethiopian musicians, very relaxing music. Check out Gigi's other albums as well.