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All Systems Go ~ Vinnie Vincent Invas
All Systems Go ~ Vinnie Vincent Invas
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To be sure, the re-release of the two VV albums on CD was a great thing, since many of us were still into tapes the first time around, but I somehow managed to miss the 2nd album when it first came out. Now, I'm glad that I did. Basically, take everything you love about the first one, including:
1.) Crystal Clear Production
2.) Outlandish, Shredding Guitars
3.) A Tremendous Vocalist With Unlimited Range
4.) Originality
Now, throw these things out the window, make the album the exact opposite, and you have "ALL SYSTEMS GO."
There's a reason why it's $4.99 used. Vinnie, I'm sorry your name is stuck on Mark Slaughter's sad debut.