Nick Schmiedeler

Location: Lawrence, Kansas, United States
In My Own Words:
Baseball, movies, and scrap metal. The 3 things in life (besides family) that keep me going. Live in the midwest, and would only recommend coming here to the natives of this region who are used to the insane weather patterns, and the inner beauty of flatland geography.


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Ball Four: Twentieth Anniversary Edition by Jim Bouton
Jim Bouton is not a name that comes up when discussing the all time greats of baseball. However, when discussing the all time greatest baseball novels, his name should come up every time. Ball Four is a fantastic day-in-the-life recounting of a single player's (Bouton's) Major League season - more specifically, the season being 1969, and his playing days that year split between the upstart franchise Seattle Pilots, and the beleagured, relatively new Houston Astros. What sets the novel apart is it's absolutely brutal, truthful (but very taboo) telling of the player's and coach's personalities and lifestyles. Not a single vulgarity or shocking sequence is missed in Bouton's daily log he… Read more