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Comp Illus GT Furniture & Cabi by Andy Rae
I really like this book. I find that it has a lot of great information, not just about making cabinets but for organizing a woodshop in general. The stuff like "anatomy of a cabinet", comparison of different types of joinery as applies to cabinet making, and some of the suggestions for tools and jigs are quite good.
The only problem is that the text is sometimes hard to follow. He isn't really very methodical, and will go off on tangents, sometimes forgetting to go back to the main point. All in all its worth having though.
Overall I have found "Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets" much more detailed, complete, and methodical - anyone who wants to make… Read more
Comp Illus GT Joinery by Gary Rogowski
Comp Illus GT Joinery by Gary Rogowski
Spectacular production values, but (forgive me) really pretty dis-joint! I'll give one example of what I feel is the book's major shortcoming: in the section on dovetail joints, he never shows a photo or line drawing of a dovetail joint just as it is about to go together - I have to visualize for myself what it is supposed to look like. Its like a friend of mine who when discussing something will think a sentence but not actually say it, and proceed with the discussion as if she HAD said it out loud and assuming you heard it! Very hard to follow sometimes.... In this case a basic beginners step to making dovetails is omitted, so everything that follows is pretty hard to grasp.
I… Read more
Jim Tolpin's Table Saw Magic by Jim Tolpin
Several other reviewers have commented on the value of the jigs, and I agree. I wish Tolpin would have presented an overview of his fence jig system early on, it would have been easier to grasp the concept BUT unlike one other reviewer I certainly did not have to go through the book several times to get it.
Besides the jigs, I appreciated the discussion of blades (design, choice, and care), ripping, and setup. Having read the section on setting up my saw, I went out to the shop, tuned things up and it has made a big difference in my work - everything fits together better!
Finally, the person who said that this book is of no use to the beginner with a beginner's saw: think again… Read more