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"Mama, Wife, Biz Owner"
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Words have always been magical to me, most of all written. Somehow they sound different in my head, than how they sound verbally. So Amazon has become a sort of home, and lately I've realized I prefer shopping for books online rather than in the bookstore. I love authors who can span centuries/generations and thread together a great story. I think most all stories are based on truth, in some fashi… Read more

Gardening, ashtanga yoga, writing, wine, walking and mothering. There's nothing better than sitting at the park with my coffee, watching my kids play.


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Ready Set, Go! by Nina Laden
Ready Set, Go! by Nina Laden
5.0 out of 5 stars Six Month Wonder, Feb. 29 2004
My six month old loves this book. Now we say "ready, set, GO" everytime I'm picking him up, getting in/out of the car, etc. and he puts his arms out to "go".