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Right Brain - Brainy Baby - Vh <b>VHS</b> ~ Brainy Baby
Right Brain - Brainy Baby - Vh VHS ~ Brainy Baby
While many people are bashing this video, I seem to have no problem with it. Teaching your baby is the best thing that a parent can do. I only look to the TV as entertainment for my children, not as a babysitter or a teacher. I believe that is the problem with most people complaining that the video doesn't keep their children entertained while they do housework etc. Others complain that the voice is annoying it all depends on who is listening to it, it is not for adults it is for children. I own a large daycare, and I have had parents lend me their videos for my "movie time Fridays", and I have found that different children respond to different things. Children who are less hyper tend to… Read more