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Top Reviewer Ranking: 2 - Total Helpful Votes: 669 of 692
Smart Weigh GEM20 High Precision Digital Milligram&hellip by Smart Weigh
I have an ongoing use for an accurate portable scale suitable for small items. We tend to visit our local auction on a weekly basis and my wife has a liking for jewellery which can be an outstanding bargain there. However, the majority of bidders are professionals who are interested in the scrap value of the items in the auction, rather than any aesthetic appeal, and bid accordingly so as to make a profit. It is hugely helpful to be able to assess the scrap value of items and pitch bids accordingly. This item is perfect for the job.

These scales are a convenient size being approximately 4.0 inches by 3.5 inches by an inch, and can easily be carried in my wife's handbag. As far as… Read more
Portfolio Architect: 5 Keys to Design, Build, and &hellip by Greg Phelps
4.0 out of 5 stars The Structured Approach, July 25 2014
The author is a financial advisor and I was a little concerned that the main message of this book would be to push his readers towards using a financial advisor or even his particular service. However, although it certainly does recommend using the advice of a professional the message here is much more than that and there is a lot of information packed into 290 pages.

What this book is not, however, is a book to assist you in stock picking. It is much more a discussion of the classes of investment available, efficient ways of investing in these classes and ways to structure your investments so that the result is not unbalanced and hence with an excessively high risk ratio… Read more
The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash
The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash
Michael Phillip Cash is no stranger to the supernatural genre having written a previous novel, Stillwell: a Haunting on Long Island and the novelette, The Hanging Tree, both of which I have read. He has an instinctive feel for this sort of story and is able to create a fine balance between including enough in the way of ghostly occurrences to keep the story moving along and the reader engaged without overdoing it and losing credibility.

The title refers to the hobby/business of a young married couple, Julie and Brad, who buy run down dwellings, give them a face lift and 'flip' them at a profit if all goes according to plan. However this time round they have taken on a Victorian… Read more