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XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP by Westy Rockwell
XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP by Westy Rockwell
1.0 out of 5 stars Not recommended, Sept. 24 2002
Although the author patently knows his onions, it seems he hasn't a great deal of experience in conveying that information.
In my opinion, if you just want to see an example of web app creation and get a few (great) ideas, then yes, buy the book.
But if you want to figure out how to configure Tomcat, etc, in preparation for a new development, then look elsewhere.
The book spends a lot of its time telling the reader that what they need to know is either out of the scope (detailed descriptions of web.xml and server.xml are out of scope?!) or that they should look on some other (somtimes unreachable) webpage.
For example, how do you tell Tomcat where to find your compiled… Read more